Instagram features 5 new Instagram features introduced in this year 2021

Instagram features

Instagram Reels has launched a new feature to bridge the gap that has been created by the ban on the popular app Tik Tok in India.

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Instagram is the first to post pictures, even if it has options. Instagram has its own identity, even though it is under Facebook. The monthly active user estimate on Instagram is over 1 billion. 4.2 billion people press the Like button for posts on Instagram a day. There are also a lot of people who make millions with the reach of an Instagram post.

2020 was a disadvantage, but this year was good for Instagram. Many have come to the fore of Instagram possibilities this year. Facebook has been a weird Instagram user with a lot of new features this year. This has increased the customers again. So don’t let’s go unnoticed with the 5 new features that were introduced on Instagram this year…

Instagram Reels


Instagram Reels has come to fill the gap that has been created by the ban on the popular app Tic-tac in India. Reels is a 15-second video posting feature via the Instagram app. The new system should be used on Instagram by pressing the camera option in the app and pressing the reels button below. Users can upload the music they need for video on their own, using the music collection set up in the app itself. Instagram Reels has provided a way to make the video slow motion, fast and add effects to it. These include effects with augmented reality.

Vanish mode

instagram features

Insta introduced vanish mode this month where texts disappear. When the vanish mode is enabled as per the requirement of the customers, the messages will disappear automatically after a certain time frame.

This feature is similar to chat apps like Telegram and Snapchat. Messages will disappear immediately after you exit the chat display (once the app usage is terminated). To stay in vanish mode, swipe after opening the Instagram chat window. Instagram claims that this mode is made of greater security and customer control.

Instagram Badges

Instagram Badges


Instagram badges give you the opportunity to support your favorite Instagram content maker. When watching live videos of a content creator, you will have the option to buy badges for them. Then the badge will appear in front of the names of users who purchase Instagram badges for a certain amount. The badge option available on Facebook and YouTube has also been introduced on Instagram.



Instagram Shopping

Instagram shopping feature was launched in May. This feature will allow customers to visit a shop virtually from their Instagram profile or through feed and stories. This allows customers to browse products, collect information and buy products. At the same time, the special thing is that you don’t have to go out of Apple and search the website. A similar shopping feature has recently come up on WhatsApp.

Data Saver

This year, the data saver feature was launched for Android phones only. Turning on this feature will help you get rid of the difficulty of running out of data quickly. If you want to use the Instagram data saver feature, you only need to press the Settings button and turn on the data saver.

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