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8 Best Free Google Chrome Extensions Developer


In this article, I’m going to show you the eight best chrome extensions. That, I think are the best for designers so let’s just get started. So as designers, we run into a lot of first world problems. When we, of course, want to have color if we want to know a fount of a website that’s not easy to do because then you have to go into the inspect element, and all of that it takes a lot of time so I will show you a few extensions that will make your life as a designer a lot easier alright.


ColorPick Eyedropper

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so the first extension that I want to show you is the color picker and very easy to use the Google Chrome Extensions, and it’s called color pick eyedropper if you’re on a website this is, for example, your own portfolio website and you want to know what the color is of this button so what you’re gonna do is you’re gonna click on it and you will just create a little color pick with a very big zoom which is really nice,

because sometimes you want to see the color of a little icon for example and you can really zoom in on a specific point and then if you click somewhere you’re gonna get the hex code and you could just copy this or the RGB code and then just go to your Adobe XD and paste that color wherever you want so that’s it and by the way all of the links for these extensions I will put them in this post so all of the links are there.


What Font

What Font_chrome_extension


Best Free Google Chrome Extensions what-font it’s kind of similar but then you can see what kind of font there is on the website so if you hover over the fonts you can already see the main font and then if you click on a specific font you would get a lot of information about those fonts so, for example, the weight which is something you can use they’re not in a lot of page builders or in your code or the size in pixels the line height for example and this is nice.

the color because number one the color picker is nice for buttons and backgrounds and all of that but for texts sometimes it’s hard to pick a color because the text is so light or it’s very small so you will also solve that color problem for text with this plugin over here but you mainly use to check what kind of fonts a website is using on this website then if you want to get out you just press escape and then it’s gone so it’s super nice super quick.




Google Chrome Extensions and it has this little CSS you can over here sometimes you are on a website and you just want to see how it looks when you make the text a little bit bigger or you change the line-height and this is a nice plugin for that because if you click on the CSS icon over here it needs to load a few seconds and then if you click on open style bot.

you can click on any item on the website so for example on this title text and then for example just press this font size and press the up or down arrow to see how it looks if the font size is bigger over example when it’s from bolts to normal or when it’s italic or italic and bold or maybe in caps for example because otherwise, you would have to go into an inspect element and find the actual piece and then change it.

And you have to know CSS and for this plug-in, you don’t have to know that you can even change things like the background color over here you can change the borders and also the margins and the parents of a specific item so it’s just much more convenient than going into inspecting elementary.


 Lorem Ipsum Generator-

Lorem Ipsum Generator

So the next Google Chrome Extensions Is also super nice every designer uses Lorem ipsum text back in the day used to go to a website   Lorem ipsum and then you would copy a bit of text and copy and then go to your Adobe XD for example and then paste that text but there’s a faster way to do this and that is free at this plugin it is his Big.

L lip lorem ipsum generator it’s called and if you click it will just create a big lorem ipsum text within the tab that you’re working you can even select words for example so if you only want 20 words for example that’s really easy to do you just select it you copy it and you can even click HTML over here and it will create a BTEC and it also has a nice icon over here a little detail of but it’s nice Google Chrome Extensions




Full Page Screen Capture

chrome screen capture


 Best Google Chrome Extensions Full Page Screen Capture.

So the next one is also super nice and I use this almost every day and it’s called full-page screen capture it’s this icon it’s a camera icon so if you are on a website you can click on this icon and it will give you this nice animation and it will create a big screenshot of the whole website and this works most of the times for some websites.

where there’s a lot of animation it doesn’t work that well but for most websites, it works really well and you can create full-page screenshots of a website and then what I always do just copy the image and just go to my design fill and paste a bunch of websites that like as for inspiration portfolio website just went to the plug-in it generated a picture you can save it from chrome screen capture.

you can copy it you can go to your favorite design tool and you could just base it over there and then it generates very big screenshots you can resize and in this way, you can just create a very nice artboard with a lot of different pages for your inspiration if you’re designing a website but it’s also a good tool to just download your whole website after it’s made because for some projects, of course, you don’t create the whole website.

Image Downloader

Image Down loader

The next one is  Google Chrome Extensions image Downloader, and it has this little icon over here, and if you click on image downloaded it will generate links download links for all of the individual images of a website you can also select all of them and then click on download and it will generate a zip file that you can save on your computer also a pretty nice Google Chrome Extensions one.



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Google Chrome Extensions loom so this is a recording software so if you click on loom it will open your camera you need to sign in with Google one time and then you can make a recording of your screen including your face-cam with the camera so that is really nice because a lot of times you created something on the computer and you want to share your process you want to show.

how it works or you want to explain to them how WordPress works something like that you could just make a quick little record over here it’s absolutely free to use you can even only record your screen if you want your microphone audio and then it will generate a link and you can even download it and then send it to anyone or upload it on YouTube and send an unlisted link for example so we’re a pretty nice google Chrome Extensions.



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Best Google Chrome Extensions momentum how do you get this super nice starting screen when you open a new tab in Google Chrome it’s called momentum it doesn’t help you with the design, but it just looks nice and it’s also good for when you are in a meeting for example and you open a new tab that you don’t see the previous websites that you’ve opened.

It’s just a very clean thing to do, you can even type in something like a task in here and it will give you a reminder that you can check off it has a new quote every day, and sometimes it’s pretty cool interesting.











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