Difference Between WhatsApp and a signal messenger signal vs. WhatsApp 2021


 WhatsApp Friends from the last 2-3 days, you will notice In WhatsApp, there is a pop-up message of the privacy policy,


 And there are two options. One agrees another is not now. Do you have already agreed or will agree This person’s chat in the form of photo video or text Aur private messages are at significant risk Why are at high risk in this privacy policy We will discuss and also the alternate solution we will discuss how you can secure your data We will also include how you can send SMS from a sender to receiver with encryption You can encrypt the data all by yourself


What is the difference between WhatsApp and signal?


WhatsApp and Facebook both belong to the same mother company best I am straightforwardly explaining what is WhatsApp asking from you? In the new privacy policy, First of all, they are accessing your IP address. This means the internet protocol address.

It’s like your phone number Like that way you have an ID to use the internet. This identity address is called an IP address. This access WhatsApp 12 share from WhatsApp to Facebook Second, they access your location when using location service via WhatsApp.WhatsApp To Facebook will share this total data.

Why is signal better than WhatsApp?

And finally, it’s your The encrypted data means For example, if you want to transfer data from A to B Suppose A message B This message is encoded through some coding And whenever B opens the message Immediately in delete from the server And with the help of some reporter from your WhatsApp application This is read the SMS after decoding So this communication is only between A and B No third party can read the message in between.

WhatsApp vs. signal vs. telegram comparison

In the new privacy policy, the data will Store on the server. What a time of 30 days. After that, it will automatically delete WhatsApp asking this type of permission in the new privacy policy. All this information will be shared with his own company Facebook.

Now, what is the reason behind it? It is only for advertisement by which WhatsApp and Facebook both can generate income. You may think WhatsApp never shows advertising, But after the new update, WhatsApp may offer you some ad. That’s why this marketing trick has been implemented Because we have already been addicted to WhatsApp messages. Nowadays, you cannot think about anything without WhatsApp. In fact, in India, it is called WhatsApp University As well.

If you disagree with the pop-up message right now, You have only time up to 8 February 2021. Within this time, if you disagree, WhatsApp will delete your account or disable your account, Or you will not be able to use WhatsApp. I am giving you a solution.

Is signal messenger more secure than WhatsApp?


There is an alternative application in the market right now. It is already popular right now. The application is called signal app; it promises end encryption of data.

If you are an Android user or iPhone user, In both cases, you can download it from Apple Store or Google Play Store. You have to write a signal app. You can see the logo on the screen like this. You can download the app.

Guys, we’re finally talking about how you can send any sensitive data.

You can encrypt any Secure data all by yourself. You need to use two platforms—the first one signal, which I have told you already.

The second one is a telegram.

For example, suppose your ATM card pin is very sensitive, For instance. In that case, it is 2080. Now how can you send 2080? First of all, you have to split 2080 Sent 20 via telegram To send the same receiver number 80, Send it via the signal app And message him all phone him too much the two messages in this way a third party or third person can steal your data or misuse your interpreter.

This is a primary encryption way. There are so many encryption ways you can share photos or videos.


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