In Aadhaar card how to Update/Register/Link mobile no through online 2021


Friends in today’s post, we will tell you how you can link the Online mobile number to the Aadhaar card “How to add mobile number online to Aadhaar card?”

You know how much more critical the Aadhaar card has become for us. The government has made uidai an essential part of identity. Similarly, your Aadhaar card is also required to link your mobile number. The primary purpose of linking your mobile number to your base is to get it at home if you want to know about any information you have or any information base.


Aadhaar Card Link Mobile Number Online-

Do you know that your card has a part of your Fingerprint, your iris Image, or the pupil of the eye? The Aadhaar card is used in everything. If your uidai card is lost, it can cause you problems because your Aadhaar card has your bank account link through which anyone can access your bank account.

As the requirement of Aadhaar card is increasing, the necessity for its safety is also growing. That’s why you need to protect your base.

You can change your name, address, mobile number, date of birth, gender, and photo in your uidai card.

Suppose your uidai is linked to your bank account. In that case, the government provides you with all the facility, government plans, and information sent to the mobile number you have registered.

Aadhaar Card Related Information-

If your bank account is linked to your uidai card with uidai card, if you don’t have a link to the mobile number aadhaar yet, you can quickly connect your Aadhaar card.

If you haven’t yet created an Aadhaar card, you can create a card from any online or offline method. If you want to get an Online Aadhaar card, you can fill the form by visiting the Official Website of aadhaar, and if you’re going to build offline, you can go to any café or tehsil and get your mobile number link.

How can I register my mobile number with Aadhar card?

You can add the mobile number to the Online uidai card, but the government has now discontinued this feature. Now, you have to register the mobile number in offline aadhaar.

How can I register my mobile number in Aadhar card by SMS?

Link Aadhaar to mobile number by OTP-

1) Call “14566” on this number from your mobile number.
2) Now, you must choose whether you are Indian or NRI.
3) You can then allow the SIM to be linked to


and then dial your 12 number uidai card number.
4) Then will enable you to send OTP to your registered mobile number and then dial OTP number.
5) now allow you to fetch the data of the uidai card.
6) You will then be told four digits last of the Aadhaar card if the number is correct, dial the OTP and then re-verify it.

Link mobile number to visiting the uidai Website-

1) Go to the store of your mobile network.
2) Give a copy of your card and then give your mobile number.
3) Now, the employee will send an OTP to your number, which will link to your base.
4) Now you have to tell that OTP, and then you have to put your fingerprint.
5) You will now receive an SMS from your mobile network.
6) To process E-KYC, you need to respond by typing Y in last. Digi locker

Your uidai card will now have your mobile number link.

Why can’t the online mobile number be added to Aadhaar card?

You know that nowadays you have a link to each of your document, your bank account and many more things from your bank account. Earlier you could add your mobile number online from uidai, but the government has now stopped keeping in mind the security rules. There could have been a lot of trouble with online number link as your bank detail could have been stolen, anyone could easily access your bank account.

An essential document for linking Aadhaar card to mobile number-
This requires a copy of your Aadhaar card, and no document is required.

Hope how do you add mobile number Online to today’s Post uidai card? Must have understood. If you have another problem related to uidai, you can tell us in the Comment Box.

uidai enrollment centre

You can also search the enrollment centre near me and update your mobile number through enrollment centre.

Aadhar card address change documents

If you want to change or update the address in your uidai Then you need to go Aadhar official website Home – Unique Identification Authority of India | Government of India ( And the Click on My Aadhar Option and then click on Locate an Enrolment / Update centre near you. after that you can book your appointment and then visit your nearest uidai enrollment centre.

Below are the given following services  Provided By the uidai gov.

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