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Best Web Browser

If we all use a web browser to surf the internet in your computer and mobile, do you know which is the  Best Web Browser for windows? If not! So in this post we know about that Best Web Browser 2021 Computer Android Apps  and fastest browser for android Let’s start.


Apple Safari Is Safari better than Chrome?


Best browsers for privacy Apple safari browser is the Best Web Browser 2021 Computer Android Apps  and fastest browser for ios It is a default web browser for Mac and iOS devices. Which has been developed by You can download it from Apple’s website. It comes with many Modern features. A lot of features come in it, secure browsing popup blocking and tabbed browsing .


Safari is the most safest browser in this browser speed privacy and security and more features. safari is run in the mac machine is faset 4.5 time fastest if you are installed safari in mac it is faster more than other browsers browsing time is so high battery consumption is to much high they provide extra battery life.

In safari browser you get private mode browse option and also picture in picture multitasking features.


Brave browser

The Best Web Browser brave  is fastest and secure web browser for pc mac. Is Brave really safe? Yes brave is Chromium based safe and secure browser for users like no threads and virus attacks The main developer behind the brave is Brandon Eich. brave browser also fastest and much better speed for browsing.

Is Brave better than Chrome?

Open source brave web browser built using chromium it’s a favorite for many privacy and security enthusiasts with a high emphasis on performance they claim it’s three times faster than chrome by default brave blocks ads and trackers on all websites while this is great for you as the end user to load web pages faster.

Epic Privacy Browser

That most people have never heard of epic privacy browser for windows and mac only is another one to consider if you’re concerned about privacy and security by default there is no tracking of any kind and it blocks ads fingerprinting and crypto mining in addition they claim to never collect sell or share any of its users data. Is Epic browser Indian? Hidden Reflex indian software company was launched epic privacy browser.


Google Chrome

Google chrome why do people like it it surely can’t be that it’s great for privacy and it’s not a resource  actually it’s the opposite for privacy it’s terrible with how they use your data and it’s one of the worst for battery life with laptops quite simply people use it because it’s easy to use  and offers excellent cross-platform support allowing.

You to sync your bookmarks passwords and other stuff across multiple devices the user interface is visually pleasant with rounded corners and with windows and mac os it plays nice using either the light or dark mode that you have set for your operating system but perhaps one of the biggest reasons it is also best browsers for downloading and best web browser best browsers for android.

Why people use chrome is because they have the largest amount of extensions available to enhance your browser experience if that’s the case for you why you use chrome i’d suggest using one of the other chromium-based browsers mentioned like brave microsoft edge or vivaldi which all offers support for extensions from the chrome web store.

Microsoft Edge (Chredge)

top browser  Microsoft edge   people are using it the second iteration of edge is chromium-based we like to call it credge it’s not a terrible browser it’s actually quite fast and does have some useful features including this new shopping feature that can help to save you money it’s also not a resource huge like some of the others on this list with privacy and security tools that will help to protect your data online on their start page at the top is the bing search bar with quick links to your favorite sites and filling up most of the page is their news feed if you want to change the news or topics.

Mozilla Firefox

One of the Best Web Browser 2021 Mozilla firefox it’s open source been around since 2002 and is truly the absolute best web  browser not based on chromium firefox is feature packed with a picture in picture mode a built-in screen capture tool and reader mode it’s also highly customizable with themes to change the look extensions to enhance your experience and a dark mode to give your eyes a break.

Let’s go over a couple of those cool features to use their awesome screenshot tool to the right of the address bar select the three dot icon and take a screenshot your choices are save visible or save a full page or you can left-click and drag to select a region and then let go you have the choice to copy it to your clipboard or download it to your computer.

The other feature worth pointing out is the reader mode look for the icon to the right of the address bar and select it to toggle it on you’ll notice a cleaner look with all the images and adds removed over here on the left you can change the font style size and switch to a dark mode below that you’ll also find a read-aloud mode similar to microsoft edge that lets you change the speed and voice in the top spot coming in at number one the top vote getter.





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