WhatsApp Payments Available Now: Send money via Upi via WhatsApp!

WhatsApp Payments

WhatsApp’s payment


WhatsApp’s payment facility, which has been in the process of testing for days, has now been launched in India. WhatsApp, which owns Facebook, was not allowed to do so in India for a long time. But now they have partnered with Sbi, ICICI, AXIS and HDFC Bank.

WhatsApp is a popular messaging service in India and its digital payment service is providing a new option for many. Apps like Google Pay, Phone Pay, Payam have another option. As of now, offers and coupons are not visible on WhatsApp. However, many people may like the convenience of sending money by sending messages. You don’t need to go to an independent app.

We are happy to bring a safe and easy digital payment option to India in partnership with State Bank of India, ICE Bank, HDFC Bank and AXIS bank, which has given us the opportunity to bring many into the digital economy, said WhatsApp India chief Abhijit Bose.



WhatsApp's payment
                                                                                                   How To Use WhatsApp Payments
  1. Go to the chat of the first person who wants to send money.
  2. Now touch the attachment button (📎) that you send while you are sending photos.
  3. Now you will see a new payment option with a camera, gallery, audio, document, location, contact. (Update whatsapp play store if not visible)
  4. Click on it and touch the aptitude egg content.
  5. Now choose your bank.
  6. Verification will now come to check your bank account and number. This process will be completed automatically.
  7. You have to do this once for the person sending you money. This facility can only be used if you have done this setup.
  8. If the other person has not set it up, you can ask them to set up by showing the notification option.
  9. Now you can use send payment option to send money by typing up pins like Google Pay.
  10. You can view transactions done by this through messages and also through a list.


WhatsApp payments
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